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Apprendo Robotics

Project objective

The APPrendo Robotics project seeks to connect STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education tools with students and teachers from public schools in Colombia. This initiative is created with the purpose of introducing in a didactic and playful way programming elements in educational spaces, in order to develop computational thinking, active learning based on projects, creativity and innovation on the part of teachers and students.
Profesor enseñando a alumnos a armar un robot

What have we achieved?

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Docentes formados
(2021 a 2022)

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Students trained (2021 a 2022)
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Institutions (2021 a 2022)
Profesor y alumnos de RedInncol armando un robot en una mesa larga

How do we do it?

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Talleres 100% presenciales.

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Direct interaction with robots and specialized equipment.

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We use free software so that schools can continue to use it without relying on future financial support.

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We leave installed capacity and robotics equipment.

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